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Simply put, a token of gratitude is a small present given to someone who has done something good to you.

It is a gesture of appreciation and a gracious acknowledgement of the small and great things that people and nature bring our way.

Since it a token, it may not be of equal value to what we received but it indicates that we never took the help for granted and we deeply appreciate the act.

Such thankfulness has a two-way impact because it benefits both the giver and receiver of such a token.

Cultivating gratitude (see these gratitude affirmations for help) enables one to attain great joy and contentment.

It generates a flow of positive feelings to those involved and aids in building a sense of trust that is a prerequisite for successful relationships.

It also amplifies the generosity in the hearts of those to whom we are grateful and enables us to enjoy the blessings we have received.

Gratitude is therefore a golden virtue that transforms our lives by allowing us to recognize what we have at the moment (see this Gratitude study to understand more)

Such appreciation eradicates anxiety and grief and brings happiness and a more fulfilling social life.

A token of gratitude must not necessarily be something huge or expensive.

It could be a thank you note, a small physical gift, or creative acts of kindness.

It varies depending on the setting and context, though it is important to understand that it is not the gift but rather the intention that counts.

Otherwise, such tokens could be ignored as empty and hollow if our emotions are not involved.

Again, a token of gratitude is never sought after or deserved by the recipient but it is a voluntary response from someone who feels thankful.

Therefore, gratitude can be extended to various entities such organizations, familiar persons, strangers, and sometimes to the divine depending on who we feel is deserving.

In everyday life, for instance, receiving a thank you note from a friend or relative for attending their wedding or assisting them to shift to a better house is a token that shows that they are grateful. In other settings, such as the workplace, a token of gratitude may differ slightly, though the general concept is the same.

Instead of focusing on a single act of kindness such as attending an event, workers would need appreciation for helping to achieve a long-term goal, being fun to work with, or being a supportive team player.

Workers who receive the token of gratitude would become more attentive to their work and feel valued because they never expected such appreciation.

Whenever we express our gratitude through a small token, we are displaying generosity, courtesy, concern, and appreciation, simultaneously.

Since gratitude is not limited to what we receive but also includes what we have and our experience of the world around us, the means of expressing it is more elaborate.

A token of gratitude could, therefore, include humanitarian acts and voluntary efforts to conserve the environment in return for the numerous benefits we have received from humanity and mother nature.

The overall result of such gratitude is joy and fulfilment in one’s life.

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