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Koru Mindfulness is an institution that trains college students or other young adults on relaxation techniques.

Some of the relaxation techniques taught include breathing exercises and meditation.

If you wish to be an instructor, you may also join the institution so that you may be certified.

The centre was founded and developed by Holly Rogers, Libby Webb and Margaret Maytan.

They aimed to introduce meditation techniques to college students they worked with at Duke University, USA.

It has been operating for the last ten years.

Since Koru Mindfulness is a college, we need to identify their courses.

They have three major causes namely Koru Basic Course, Koru Fundamentals and Teacher Certification.

Here are their brief descriptions below…

Courses description

Koru Basic is a four-week course.

This course is taught to adults who wish to learn just the basics of mindfulness awareness and meditation.

It is taught per day for ten minutes.

Koru Fundamentals

This goes deeper into what Koru is about. In this course, a person decides whether they will apply to teach or simply learn mindfulness in more detail.

It is a five-week course.

In a nutshell, the learners learn about Koru, how it was developed, its target audience and of course; relaxation techniques.

Teacher Certification- this is a one-year program.

This program equips upcoming teachers with skills needed to teach mindfulness in line with the Koru Mindfulness curriculum.

Once they are done with the training, the teachers have permission to use the Koru logo in their training or advertising.

Why enrol at Koru Mindfulness?

Many other courses teach about mindfulness but a potential client will want to know how this institution stands out from the rest.

Here are some benefits of learning in this college:

• It is taught in small groups and this makes it easier for the instructor to manage their students.

• There are storytelling sessions during the class.

• In addition to meditation, students are also taught stress management skills.

• The classes are short, and this means a person can go back to work or school after attending the mindfulness course.

• Personal coaches are also assigned to learners.

• Learners have reportedly stated that they slept better and less stressed due to the mindfulness techniques.

How to enrol for the Koru Teaching certification program

Applications to join are done from their website.

The form is relatively simple to fill since they only need your names, email, CV, application letter and an application fee of $50.

Payment of the application fee is done via your debit card. It covers the certification costs so it is non-refundable.

If your application is however rejected, the Koru staff will suggest ways of improving your application.


Whether you want to decrease your stress levels or teach, Koru Mindfulness is the institution for you.

The courses are flexible so you can perform your normal duties.

Since stress is the number one source of depression, you should consider going to this institution.

As a learner, you can help others relax too.

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