Reiki sharing is when a Reiki practitioner calls on a group of people, either physically or not, to gather around an individual who is in dire need of positive energy.

In most cases, this person may be recuperating from an illness, traumatic experience or any other social issue.

Reiki sharing requires collective positive energy, which is why a group of people can perform it.

The group’s efforts can yield impressive results since their main goal will be to release collective conscious energy.

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How Reiki Sharing Works

In my group of friends, I have those dealing with different issues in life.

Some are dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, some are recovering from different traumas and others are trying to recover from illnesses.

Most of the time, I help organize a reiki circle either physically or virtually to help these different individuals.

The reiki circle is that you do not have to be together physically to host one. Even though virtual means, it is still applicable.

It takes total dedication and love to be able to do this for someone else.

You need to gather people and request that they release light energy towards the ones in need.

They can also say prayers to him or send blessings his way.

If you are not near, it is best to visualize the one in need surround by healing energy.

The people who gather usually are not certified reikis.

Therefore, they use me as a medium since I am a certified reiki practitioner.

They give me their positive energy before it can be grounded and directed to the one in need. They need to give reports on whether they are feeling any better than how they were before you organized the reiki sharing.

After you are done with reiki sharing, he should be able to feel at peace, experience positivity and calmness from within.

He should be able to experience happiness and that is the only way that you will be able to know that you achieved your purpose.

This is also a good opportunity to reconnect with his loved ones, such as friends and other family members.

In this case, he connects with them since they cannot be together near.

Those who are far from him are also able to feel his presence and share in his misfortunes.

How to Organize a Reiki Circle

Reiki sharing requires that you have a certified practitioner.

If you are not one, it would be best if you look for one and inquire if they are willing to start a circle with you.

It is a personal practice that entirely depends on the participants and the practitioner. Here is a simple way of how you can organize a reiki circle.

First, you need to decide on a date, time and place. It would help if you involved the practitioner about your plans before being ready.

Choose a suitable space for the practitioner and also one for the participants.

If the activity occurs virtually, you need to invite them via Skype or any other suitable means.

You can also send emails or call them if possible.

Be sure to remind them of the activity so that no one misses out. It would be best to send RSVPs.

If it is a virtual meeting, call out their names when you start connecting the circle.

To have a more successful session, you may decide to play songs or recite chants that will help deepen the connection.

At this point, the in-built participants are releasing the healing light that will reach those in need.

YouTube can be of help since you can easily find these chants there. Remember to include the links when sending invitations.

Be sure to sage the room and all participants and gather in a circle around the recipient.

Alert the participants that you the method you have chosen for sending healing.

If you have more than one recipient, the session should last for fifteen to twenty minutes before switching up with another recipient.

In virtual sessions, participants can hold up the recipient’s photo and incorporate the reiki distance healing symbol.

At this point, you can play the music.

Lead the group in meditation just to make sure that their breaths are in connection with their bodies.

Call out their names and ask them to connect with other participants.

Maintain time and offer the reiki treatment.

Once you are done, close out the circle. Thank all participants for their dedication.

Reiki Sharing

Reiki sharing is dependent on the efforts of a group of participants who gather around in a circle to release healing light to a recipient who is either suffering from trauma or social issues.

Reiki sharing is useful because the recipient may afterward feel happy, at peace or enjoy calmness.

You need to have a certified reiki practitioner before conducting one. You can do it virtually or physically.

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