Have you been thinking of training in Tai Chi martial arts?

Tai Chi is a great way to manage your stress, anxiety and enhance your flexibility and balance. While it was initially taught for self-defence, today, the art is taught for meditation and relaxation.

It uses gentle and slow movements to help your body stay in tune with your mind.

These flowing movements, in turn, promote peacefulness, alertness, and general mindfulness.

Here is more to the purpose of Tai Chi.

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The Purpose of Tai Chi for Your Body and Mind

Being a thirty-eight-year-old woman with children, I have practised various mind-and-body exercises such as Yoga, Qigong,

Pilates, and Tai Chi. I have always loved Tai Chi for its gentleness and diversity.

You can practice Tai Chi in different ways depending on your body, schedule and flexibility.

In this section, I will help you explore the purpose of Tai Chi and how it benefits your body and mind.

Cardio-Vascular Fitness

The term cardiovascular refers to your heart and lung capacity.

If your cardio-vascular system is fit, your body gets a perfect supply of blood and oxygen.

Not only does this foster better health, but it also speeds the recovery of diseases.

With Tai Chi, you can wade off potential heart attacks, heart diseases, and lung infections.

It is a convenient exercise that anyone can participate.

Strong Muscles and Core

How strong are your muscles and core? Well, having strong muscles enhances your joints’ stability.

If you have seen Tai Chi students practice, you can attest to how stable their bodies are.

Besides balancing the poses, martial art strengthens their muscles and wades off various diseases such as arthritis.

It is an exercise that trains your muscles and whole body.

Better Flexibility and Stability

Your flexibility is what improves your range of motion.

Besides enhancing mobility, it also makes you more agile and functional.

Your muscles, joints, and entire body are healthy, and you experience no difficulty when moving from one place to another.

Tai Chi restores your normal flexibility and enhances your stability. As time goes by, your body feels lighter.

Improved Posture

The three major aspects of healthy exercise are cardiovascular fitness, strength, and flexibility. Tai Chi helps you achieve all these.

What you also do not know is that Tai Chi hugely contributes to an improved posture.

By developing a great posture, your lung space gets bigger, and you can uprightly walk.

It is an all-rounded exercise.

Enhanced Mindfulness and Serenity

Counsellors say that everything starts in the brain.

Your brain controls everything that happens to your body. Since Tai Chi is a mind-and-body art, you enjoy enhanced mindfulness and serenity.

It teaches you to beware of your inner energy and channel it to positive thoughts.

You are empowered when you are happy.

Uplifting Your Spirits

Who doesn’t like when they are in a good mood?

Good spirits keep you happy.

With Tai Chi, you can eliminate stress, negativity, and destructive emotions that you may be feeling. It creates a balance that calms the unconscious mind.

So, What’s The Purpose Of Tai Chi?

Tai Chi involves low-impact exercises that inflict minimal stress on your muscles and joints.

Since it is slow and gentle, one can keep at it for longer than regular exercises.

Anyone, regardless of age, gender, and fitness level, can participate and get great satisfaction.

Having practised it for over six years, I can confidently say that Tai Chi is beneficial for your body, mind, and physique. Gain more flexibility, balance, and agility for your body and mind.

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