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Tui Shou is a technique known as pushing hands; the technique is usually used by two individuals who aim to improve their tai chi skills.

When you practice Tai Chi on your own, you ‘ll learn how to remain focused, relaxed, and balanced.

When you practice Tui Shou, you’ll improve your abilities as you maintain physical contact with another person.

If you want to be balanced as you maintain contact with another individual, you’ll realize that it’s a difficult task.

But with practice you will get the whole process.

It is important to follow all that you are required to avoid any accidents.

A Detailed Description of Tui Shou

Two people are supposed to face each other, and they should maintain an arm’s distance while keeping one foot forward.

Each participant will have one hand forward, and they will raise it to chest height as the palm faces inwards.

The back of the hand will touch the other party’s hand lightly.

The rear hand will be placed gently on the elbow of the other player.

The feet will then be placed comfortably such that each player will feel stable and balanced.

If you want to initiate the exercise, every player will move her/ his legs and waist in a circular pattern and in three rotations.

The drills aspect will then begin.

When the third rotation comes to an end, every player should strive to be in contact with the arms of the other player while ensuring they’re in perfect balance.

The loss of balance shall be detected when you keep a close eye on the feet of each player.

The player can be pushed off balance such that they’ll be forced to reset their stance if they want to resume the whole play.

You should know the players are allowed to put their hands on their partner’s body if they want to ensure they’ve kept their balance.

It is important to adhere to the guidelines that have been put in place.

For instance, your feet should be kept in place, and there is no need to use brute force if you want to unbalance the other party.

Also, you cannot grab the other player using both hands.

The use of brute force is not allowed.

This is so because the whole process is not supposed to be forceful as it all about following the stipulated guidelines of Tui shou.

Tui Shou allows practitioners to improve their relaxation while also testing their skills.

You’ll also get to test your balance and flexibility. This is an important skill for any person.

You have to know how flexible your body is so that you may or not engage in some activities.

Also it makes you relax and when you get to make your muscles ease is the most refreshing thing.

The pushing hands’ technique also enables you to compete, and there is no risk of incurring an injury. You should also know that there are different variations when it comes to Tui Shou.

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