I was talking to a friend about something, and we realised that everyone is looking for happiness in different ways.

I have been on a journey to find happiness and become content with my life.

I noticed that I tended to equate happiness with having things in my own life, but the feeling would not last long.

With time, I have found that authentic and lasting happiness comes from my internal peace and not from external things.

Things can contribute to happiness, but they do not generate the happiness that lasts.

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1. The Beginning Of Happiness

Happiness starts with the way we see things and process them in our minds which affects our feelings.

I have met people in challenging situations but have such bright dispositions and people who have what I think is a good life but are unhappy.

Happiness is where you feel joy, contentment, fulfilment, and a host of other positive emotions.

Happiness comes from inside you and the way you think and feel about things that are happening in your life.

This includes events that you experience, relationships that you have and things that you acquire.

2. Defining Your Happiness

The pursuit of happiness is a constant and consistent journey.

The Global Happiness 2020 study found that 63% of people are happy.

Most people interviewed shared different sources of their happiness.

Some of these were good health, good relationships, finding purpose and meaning in their lives and favourable living conditions.

It is important to examine yourself and figure out what makes you happy.

Journaling is a great way to track days when you are so glad and those you are not.

From your journal, you can figure out what mood you are in, activities, situations or people that make you the happiest.

3. Good Health

Your physical and mental health is a great contributor to being happy.

When you exercise and meditate, brain chemicals such as endorphins that are linked to happiness are produced.

These chemicals increase your feeling of well-being, reduce stress and anxiety and even reduce pain.

Being active even for a short period can significantly increase your happiness levels.

Your mental health is your psychological well-being.

When you have better mental health, you will be happier.

4. Building Good Relationships

The way you relate with people will affect your happiness.

When I am involved in an argument with a friend or someone dear to me, my happiness is destabilised. I am learning how to disagree or express displeasure in a thoughtful way, which also helps maintain my relationships.

In cases where people hurt you, learn to forgive and let go. It will help you be more positive and happier.

So, Where Does Happiness Come From?

Happiness starts with you and the conversations you have with yourself. Be kind to yourself and the way you speak to yourself.

Work to change negative self-talk and see life in a more positive way, which will make you happier.

It is also essential to exercise nature’s way of making you more delighted by the feel-good chemicals produced.

Happiness is all about living peacefully with yourself and then with your loved ones and living a healthy and balanced life.

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