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Yes, practicing tai chi regularly and in the correct manner will get most people fit.

It was initially established for self-defense but it has advanced into a smooth exercising technique with multiple mental and physical health benefits.

It involves smooth physical exercises and stretching where each posture drifts into the next without stopping, keeping the body in continuous motion.

Tai chi is distinct from other forms of exercise; its movements are never coerced, the body muscles are tranquil, joints are neither bent nor fully extended and the connective tissues are not strained.

Who can do tai chi?

Tai chi can be practiced by people of all ages due to its low impact on muscles and joints.

Even older adults who may find it difficult to exercise are safe to practice tai chi.

Additionally, tai chi has no special requirements hence can be carried out from anywhere.

This makes it an affordable form of exercise that one can practice alone or in a group.

Why try tai chi for fitness?

Tai chi has multiple mental and physical health benefits if implemented appropriately and frequently.

Some of the notable fitness benefits of tai chi include:

Muscle strength

Like resistance training and brisk walking, tai chi enhances both lower-body and upper-body strength.

The unsupported arm movement helps toughen the core muscles of the back abdomen as well as the lower and upper extremities.


Alongside increased body strength, the flexibility of both the lower-body and upper-body can be improved by tai chi.


Research indicates that practicing tai chi can decrease chances of falling by boosting one’s balance.

It helps train proprioception, the capacity to sense your body’s position in space, which reduces as you age.

Moreover, the improved flexibility and muscle strength that result from tai chi make recuperating from a stumble simpler, it also lessens the fear of falling which is likely to cause falling.

Aerobic conditioning

The tai chi movements can also help enhance your aerobic capacity depending on their size and speed.

Other notable health benefits that can result from practicing tai chi include:

  • Reduced anxiety, depression and stress
  • Improved cognition
  • Amplified energy and stamina
  • Enhanced mood
  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Improved immunity

How to get started using tai chi for fitness

You can learn tai chi from external resources such as books and online videos.

However, it is advisable to find an experienced tai chi instructor to gain the maximum benefits of this practice.

A good instructor can teach you various techniques and tai chi positions, they can also help you practice tai chi safely if you have any issues such as injuries, chronic infections or trouble with balance and coordination.

Learning these techniques help minimize the possibilities of injury in the process of practicing tai chi.

To maintain the benefits of tai chi, you will need to develop a daily routine and maintain it for a long term.

You can also carry out some simple tai chi practices whenever in a tense situation down without having to perform the actual movements.

So, Can Tai Chi Improve Fitness?

Yes, Tai Chi will get most fit if done frequently and appropriately, some of the physical benefits your body can accrue from practicing tai chi include, muscle strength, flexibility and balance.

Training with an experienced tai chi instructor can help you master and gain from the various techniques and methods of tai chi.

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