Wushu is a name from Chinese traditional martial art that involves both demonstration and hard sport.

Tai chi is an internal Chinese sport that trains on body fitness and meditation.

I am a 38-year-old female blogger married with kids; I find my inner peace through meditation and daily gratitude exercises that strengthen my body.

Today, this article is to educate you on the pros and cons for Wushu and Taichi, differences and which one is better from my experience.

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Pros for wushu

1.Body strengthening

The main idea for Wushu training is to build leg and core muscle strength.

Frequent practice of Wushu helps the muscles stabilize.

Wushu practitioners who maintain regular training have strong muscles and their body looks more like a dancer.

2.Body coordination

Children learn on eye and hand coordination as they grow.

Wushu helps children to improve on how they coordinate their bodies.

Wushu is for children and adults who find themselves

knocking things or hiding at the encounter of small obstacles from fear of being hit.


Wushu trains on standing with one leg with quick action performance.

Therefore, as a wushu practitioner, you learn to maintain body balance even when travelling and at abrupt stops.

4. Building stamina

Wushu is all about building a strong mind other than the body.

As you practice Wushu, you learn to slowly and steadily seek inner consciousness.

Your strength increases as you learn to listen to your mind and begin to do difficult things.

Cons for Wushu

1. Time consuming

As much as it depends on the time you are interested in learning, think of an average of two hours three times a week to gain results.

2. Risk of injuries

You are prone to small injuries as you practice Wushu.

3. Costly


Pros for Tai Chi

1. Reduces stress

Tai Chi works to reduce anxiety and stress as it involves meditation and steady, focused breathing.

2.Improves sleeping

I remember I had a sleeping disorder due to stress; I would wake up at night and stare into the dark till morning. Tai chi helped me to better sleep through deep meditation before going to bed.

3.Helps to reduce weight

From my experience, I gained belly fat after giving birth and ran into depression.

Tai Chi helped me lose some pounds after 12 weeks of practicing.

4.Reduces chronic pain

Tai chi reduces osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia pain. Feel free to click on  on how Tai eases chronic pain.

Cons for tai chi

Like any other art martial, Tai chi is time-consuming.

Another disadvantage is that Tai chi is difficult to learn on your own; therefore, you need a trainer.

Differences between Taichi and Wushu

The main difference between the two is that Tai Chi is an internal martial art, whereas Wushu is an external form of the martial art training.

Wushu trains on defensive approaches whereas Tai chi is not defensive

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Tai Chi vs Wushu

In conclusion, Tai chi and Wushu are important martial art to learn as they are beneficial.

However, they both have their disadvantages.

In my personal opinion, Wushu is better than Tai chi since you will learn how to make soft and quick movements and you can defend yourself in case of danger.


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