It is tough to keep reminding yourself that happiness comes from within and you alone are responsible for your happiness.

Sometimes I forget and try to rely on some external sources of joy to fill the so-called life’s half-empty glass.

Also, I tend to resort mostly to short-term happiness to fulfil my life journey to a better life.

Yes, it can help you for a while, but it is hard to be contented if you continue on that path and do such things.After I realised that, I took matters into my own hands. I started taking part in yoga classes and ti-chi, doing daily gratitude and meditation.

Peace of mind is among the greatest gifts that you can offer yourself.

Meditating will give you a stable mind to deal with any obstacle in your daily activities, because a disturbed mind will have adverse effects on your body.You must learn how to take power back into your own hands to be truly happy.

By regaining your responsibility rather than looking elsewhere, you will be happier and become a better individual.

I have compiled some ways below on how to take charge of your happiness.

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Avoid Over Dependant on Short Terms Happiness

Things and people cannot offer you the happiness that you deserve.

Online shopping, your spouse, and binge-watching are external sources of happiness that I have tried and didn’t last long.

If you cannot get your happiness from within, you will live feeling lost and empty.

Practice Compassion

Try to be more compassionate and generous. Try to help people in their worse part of life.

This will give you peace of mind and a sense of calmness regardless of your life situations.

I always tip the masseuse every time I get a delivery.

It is a fulfilling experience. You can help that old lady to cross the road. Regardless of how small the gesture is, you can make someone’s evening.

Avoid Negativity

Meditation is one of the best ways you can calm yourself and avoid complete negativity. You will make use of your energy on positive things.

Negativities will only exhaust your mind.

When you relax your mind with activities like ti-chi and yoga, which is my favourite, you can feel a huge weight being lifted off your shoulders. Only then will you start to create room for positivity.

Discovering Your True Purpose and Calling in Life

My goal in life is to help you to connect with your true nature yourself.

Therefore, you need to learn your fundamental objective in life, and nothing will give you such divinity than meditation.

You should move away from negative and conventional thinking and create a life definition that will work a miracle for you.

In conclusion, you should understand that happiness comes from within. Happiness does not depend on other people or external things.

You will be easily hurt and become more vulnerable if your happiness and feeling of security depend on other people’s behaviours.

You should never give someone else the power to your happiness.

That’s How To Be Responsible For Your Own Happiness

These are some of the way to be responsible for your own happiness…

  • Avoid short term happiness.
  • Practice compassion.
  • Avoid negativity.
  • Discover your true calling in life.

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